Be a Part of the STEMworks Database

Change the Equation (CTEq), is inviting any science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) leaning program, including afterschool and school-based programs, to apply for inclusion in the STEMworks database of exemplary programs.

Through the new database, CTEq will identify and highlight exemplary programs for business leaders and funders who are looking to support high-quality STEM education efforts. WestEd will review the applicants against CTEq’s Design Principles for Effective Philanthropy and provide detailed feedback on applications’ strengths and weaknesses.

“While the bar is high, it is a great opportunity to highlight high-quality afterschool programs and demonstrate that we are part of the solution to the STEM education crisis in the nation,” wrote Afterschool Alliance Director of STEM Policy Anita Krishnamurthi in an Afterschool Snack blog post.

Visit the STEMworks database to apply. Apply by October 15 for inclusion by December 1 and by November 15 for inclusion by January 15, 2013. Programs that apply early will have the opportunity to respond to feedback and reapply, if necessary. Contact with comments and questions.

NOTE: The names of programs not selected for the STEMworks database will not be released.

This story originally appeared in the Afterschool Advocate (Vol. 13, Issue 10).

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