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Share your story: How is your afterschool program creating opportunities for disadvantaged youth?

The new White House initiative My Brother's Keeper is focused on creating opportunities for boys and young men of color. To help the White House better understand the important role that afterschool programs are playing in supporting boys and young men of color, we're gathering stories from the field to share with the White House. We may also ask you to share additional details in a guest blog or on a conference call or webinar.

Tell us about the young man (or men) of color that your program has helped:

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"We work hard to engage our kids, to make sure they have the academic support they need, and to counter the inevitable tug from social pressures to take the short cuts that could land them in trouble. But when we take the time, when we invest the energy and resources, the rewards last a lifetime."

- Rennell Woods, Afterschool Ambassador, Jonesboro, Arkansas

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