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Parents Magazine Asks, 'Where Have All the After-School Programs Gone?'

By Ursula Helminski

"Where have all the after-school programs gone?" asks an article in the December issue of Parents, a national magazine reaching 15 million readers, primarily parents.  The article, "The New Latchkey Kids," discusses the dearth of afterschool programs and its effect on families across the country. 
Citing the impact of the recession on working parents--who need more affordable care, not less--and the drastic budget cuts suffered by afterschool programs, the author relays the stories of distraught parents who have lost their afterschool support.  Some have been forced to send their children home alone, locking the doors behind them and having frequent check-in's with worried parents over the phone. 
Sadly, too many parents share the same experience. Our own Jen Rinehart, VP of Research & Policy, is quoted in the article: "A few years ago many of these families wouldn't have dreamed of letting their kids wait in an empty house.  But in today's economy they often have no choice."  The article shares data from America After 3PM revealing that afterschool needs have jumped 6% since 2004, in every type of neighborhood nationwide.
The article can be found online at  The article is in the December 2011 issue: The New Latchkey Kids: More than a million grade-schoolers have nobody to take care of them once class lets out. Where have all the after-school programs gone? by Jenny Deam.
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