Upcoming webinar: Learn to Speak "STEM-ish"

by Anita Krishnamurthi

Given all the buzz around "STEM" (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education, it would be easy to assume that everyone knows about it and supports it.  But as STEM education advocates know, it can still be challenging to make a compelling case for public investment in STEM education reform.  And it can be harder still when it comes to STEM learning in afterschool programs.

But we have some tools and tips that can help!  Join us for a webinar on Wednesday April 6 from 1-2pm ET to learn how best to message around afterschool STEM to expand public support.  

The Afterschool Alliance has been working with the FrameWorks Institute, an organization that specializes in framing issues in ways that will move public opinion, to come up with research-based communications strategies to make the most compelling case possible for afterschool STEM.  In this webinar we will be joined by Jenn Nichols, a Senior Associate at the FrameWorks Institute, who will review common communications traps that can weaken your messages’ effectiveness.  We will practice staying out of those traps using tested tools that work to increase people’s understanding of informal STEM learning, how it works, and why it matters.  

You can take a sneak peek at some of this work on the Afterschool STEM Hub website, a resource center with the tools you need to make the case for expanding and supporting innovative and engaging informal STEM learning.  

In Part 1 of the webinar, on April 6, we will be introducing a wide array of practical tools and communication tips. In Part 2 of the webinar, on May 3, we will showcase the remaining tools and address any questions that come up as you start to apply these in your own work.

Help STEM blast off in your afterschool program – register here to attend the webinar.

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