New partnership will advance afterschool STEM policies

by Anita Krishnamurthi

We are delighted to announce that the Afterschool Alliance recently partnered with the Overdeck Family Foundation to advance afterschool STEM policy.  We will be working with the statewide afterschool networks to achieve this goal, many of whom are already engaged in advancing afterschool STEM learning opportunities in their states.  This new project will help us amplify our support to the state afterschool networks so they can advocate for a strong role for afterschool programs in their state’s ESSA implementation plans. 

The Overdeck partnership also allows us to support a smaller subset of statewide afterschool networks to deepen their work on advancing policies to support afterschool STEM programming via state level initiatives.  We are thrilled to announce that we made awards to the following organizations for this initiative:

These six state networks demonstrated that the policy environment in their states is conducive for advancing afterschool STEM.  We are partnering with the STEM Education Coalition, an influential national advocacy group for STEM education, to provide technical assistance to the statewide afterschool networks for this project.  Through this collaboration, we will be providing regular STEM policy updates to the networks and working with them to provide tailored resources, such as the recent set of advocacy resources for afterschool/informal STEM.  We will also broker partnerships between the Coalition’s members and state afterschool advocates, an often stated need of the networks – we are anticipating that this will bring new influential STEM allies and voices into the afterschool conversation.

We are excited about this project and look forward to supporting the afterschool field with strong policies that will provide young people with greater access to high-quality afterschool STEM programming.

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