Youth advocates hone their skills at the Afterschool for All Challenge

by Melissa Ballard

We welcomed more than 30 youth from across the country to this year’s Afterschool for All Challenge. Half came from science center afterschool programs—thanks to our partnership with the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC). Youth from this year’s MetLife Innovation Awards also attended. These young advocates were to visit Congressional offices along with their state teams, sharing personal stories of how afterschool has impacted their lives. But before they got started, we helped prepare them in an intensive workshop.

The workshop started with youth brainstorming ideas about what advocacy is and how it’s done. The group focused in on one aspect of advocacy—that it gave voice to those that don’t have one, thinking about other kids in their home communities. Then, we discussed what kinds of asks state teams would make and how advocacy through Capitol Hill visits fits into the legislative process (and of course, we had to show the classic School House Rock video).

To prepare for their turn to speak in the next day’s Capitol Hill meetings, we spent time crafting and practicing talking points. The task was to come up with a short, succinct way to describe what youth did in their afterschool programs, why it mattered to them, and to concretely describe the effect participation has had on their interest, behaviors, knowledge, and skills. Our last task for the workshop, was to translate these talking points into a memorable document to leave behind with congressional staff. Check out all the youth’s handouts in America’s Afterschool Storybook.

Feedback from both the youth and their adult leaders was overwhelmingly positive. Leaders reported that the youth’s compeling personal stories were a great impact at each office they visited. ASTC is currently working on a video capturing the reactions of the science center youth—we’ll post that next week. We’re looking forward to an even bigger and better Afterschool for All Challenge in 2015!

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