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New Guide to Funding for Afterschool STEM Programs

By Anita Krishnamurthi

We know finding funding for afterschool STEM programs is a major concern of program providers—it comes up during most conference presentations and when I am out talking to programs. We heard you and we did something about it.  Today we released a resource to help you identify, sort through and take advantage of the many funding opportunities available for afterschool STEM! “Know Your Funders: A Guide to STEM Funding for Afterschool” was written in partnership with The Finance Project and developed with generous support from the Noyce Foundation.

The guide walks you through the two main types of funding—public and private—and further categorizes the funding opportunities available. Public dollars come from federal, state and local sources and private dollars encompass both philanthropic foundations and corporations.
While we list a few major funding streams, we didn’t attempt to provide you with an exhaustive list of every single opportunity out there as that becomes dated very quickly. Instead, we focused on showing you where to go to find the most current information. You will also find lots of tips on how to match available funding streams to your needs and capabilities. We give you the key steps to searching for and obtaining grant dollars regardless of the source.
You can find the guide on our STEM Publications Page along with other Afterschool Alliance STEM publications. You can also find it through our STEM Funding Page, where you can also check out the list of specific funding opportunities. Finally, it is linked through the Afterschool Alliance “How to Find Funding” toolkit, where you can get more general tips on identifying funding for your afterschool program.
We hope you will find this a useful resource. Let us know how you like it!