#GirlsAre campaign inspires girls to live active lives

by Robert Abare

Girls today in the United States are far less likely than boys to achieve recommended amounts of physical activity. By age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys.

The Afterschool Alliance is joining the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Clinton Foundation in a national effort to shine a light on the disparities between girls’ and boys’ physical activity rates—and inspire a new generation of strong, active women.

In coordination with National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, the #GirlsAre campaign launched yesterday on Mother’s Day and runs until May 31. The campaign asks girls and women across the country to demonstrate the myriad ways girls show their strength using the #GirlsAre hashtag.  You can chime in on social media with one of these examples: (or invent your own!) #GirlsAre Strong, #GirlsAre Bold, #GirlsAre Leaders, and #GirlsAre Fearless.

"Between the ages of 6 and 17, the total number of minutes girls participate in vigorous physical activity drops by 86 percent, providing fewer opportunities for girls to get healthy, be healthy, and feel confident and empowered,” says Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation and Board Member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. “This sharp decline is staggering and absolutely preventable – and we must work to do all we can to support more opportunities for girls to engage in meaningful and fun physical activity throughout childhood and adolescence."

Visitors to the campaign website, www.girlsare.org, can find tools to raise awareness of this important issue, take interactive quizzes, and add their own #GirlsAre adjective to join the nationwide conversation.  

Here are more ways to get involved!

.Join the #GirlsAre Thunderclap.

A Thunderclap is a digital tool that gives all supporters a chance to send the same #GirlsAre social message simultaneously, to reach as many people as possible. To join the Thunderclap:

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Select “Support with Facebook,” “Twitter,” or “Tumblr.”
  3. Select “Add my support.”

Join a Twitter Chat

Join the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and two of our partners SaludToday and the National Center for Safe Routes to School, for a Twitter chat dedicated to #GirlsAre. Ask questions, share your thoughts and join the discussion about the latest in girls’ health.

May 17 #SaludTues #GirlsAre

Join @HealthierGen and @SaludToday to discuss ways to reduce disparities for physical activity among our girls in the various environments they spend their time.

May 18 #MoveEquity #GirlsAre

Join @HealthierGen and @SafeRoutesNow to discuss health inequities in low-income communities that stem from a lack of access to physical activity opportunities such as parks, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes.

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