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Cooperative Extension Service: 4-H Youth Development Program

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The 4-H Youth Development Program began over 100 years ago. The program grew from one primarily concerned with improving agriculture production and food preservation to one dedicated to the development of young people. 4-H programs and clubs are found in rural and urban areas and are designed to incorporate life skills development into an expanding number of delivery modes. Programs are organized through local Cooperative Extension Services (CES) affiliated with land-grant universities. Projects require collaboration across disciplines, program areas, and geographic lines as well as a holistic approach.

Funds are used to support programs and activities for preschoolers through late teens in both rural and urban settings. Some clubs can be dedicated to special interest areas like technology or leadership while others can be more broadly focused on youth development. Through these programs, youth have an opportunity to contribute to energy conservation and environmental issues, community service, and food production. They learn about science and technology, and they become involved in programs that help them with employment and career decisions, health, nutrition, food safety, and family relationships. Youth programs can partner with their local CES 4-H programs to support activities that promote positive youth development.

4-H Youth Development Programs are organized and coordinated through the local CES. Extension programs receive funding through grants to designated land-grant institutions in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories.

Matching Requirements:
There is no set matching requirement. However, 4-H clubs often pay for some expenses through dues or fundraising activities by club members.

Potential Partners:

State and local cooperative extension services; land-grant universities; community-based organizations; and schools.

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To locate your local extension office, see

Resource Links:
Issue Brief - An In-Depth Look Afterschool: The Natural Platform for Youth Development

Application Process:
To organize a 4-H club, contact your local CES.

Flow of Funds:
The Department of Agriculture provides funding to the CES which, in turn, provides funding for 4-H clubs.

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Contact your local extension service for information about 4-H clubs.