What you can do to market afterschool

Strategies for effective marketing

A strong marketing campaign will be multifaceted — reaching community members and policy makers most effectively will mean using many different resources, from community events to media outreach.

Partner with allies and tell your program’s unique story in a compelling way to maximize the impact of your efforts. Plan to use a combination of media outreach, events, and outreach to policy makers to really drive home the importance of afterschool.

In election years, work to make afterschool an election issue by starting an issue campaign to keep afterschool in the spotlight.

To get a sense of the needs and priorities in your local community, consider conducting a survey of parents, teachers, community members, and kids in your area. These results can supplement America After 3PM data to better inform your marketing strategies and help you make a strong case for afterschool.

As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, planning exciting events can raise your profile in the community while generating media coverage and getting attention from policy makers.

In addition to focusing on making afterschool an issue in election years, it's also critical to reach out to members of Congress when policies affecting afterschool are being considered.  Make sure to take action regularly—not just when an election is coming up.