Contact the media

Create a strong press list 

If you don't already have a list of reporters, editors, columnists, photo editors and producers who cover education, children and families, parenting, workplace and feature stories in your media market, now is a good time to create one.

Resources to tap for a start:

  • Some United Way locations have media guides that are available to community agencies for a nominal fee
  • Public relations offices at community colleges are often willing to share their media lists with other education agencies

Then, make a list of all local TV and radio stations (including college and university-affiliated stations), daily and weekly newspapers (including ethnic, community and other specialty papers), wire services and magazines, locally-oriented websites, and newsletters or bulletins from interested community and faith-based organizations.

Call and ask for the name of the editor, reporter or producer who covers education, children and families, parenting, workplace and features. Request the phone number and e-mail address for each person. Ask also for the names of and contact information for producers at broadcast news and talk shows that cover issues like afterschool, and columnists who cover education and family issues at local newspapers of all kinds.

Media lists should be updated twice per year, as journalists tend to shift beats and jobs fairly often. You will use it often to promote Lights On Afterschool and other activities.