This child is a true success story for ACE/PACE. It shows that when tools and support are provided, miracles happen in children's lives.

She was a 10-year old girl when she was enrolled into the ACE/PACE program, but she looked like a 5-year old child - she weighed only 49 lbs. A local school district could not control her behavior and put her in special education classes. Her grades were between D's and F's. She had an eating disorder as well. 

During her time at the ACE/PACE program this girl gained an additional 55 lbs. and grew a foot in height, greatly improved her behavior in school and at home, and her grades also improved. 

Counseling and groups were crucial in helping this child with her eating disorder. Offering and encouraging the child to have balanced meals was another contributor to a child's healthy development. Study skills, behavior modification techniques and supervision helped her excel academically and behaviorally.

This child is a true success story for ACE/PACE. It shows that when tools and support are provided, miracles happen in children's lives. 

The ACE/PACE is a year-round program. The program hours are from 3pm to 7pm Monday thru Friday during the school year, and from noon until 5pm during the summer. On average the ACE/PACE program serves 25 children a day. During this time children receive nutritious meals and snacks, do school related homework, have access to one-on-one tutoring services, attend life-skills sessions, substance abuse and anger managements groups, work on conflict resolution and coping skills, build character and their self-esteem, engage in various cultural and artistic experiences, and participate in pro-community activities.

Families are expected to attend the H.O.P.E. Family nurturing classes (a best practice program) as well as continuing with an aftercare program for up to one year after the child has exited the program. The youth have access to a mentorship program and participate in various constructive serve and learn community-based activities.

The ACE/PACE provides an extensive range of services to children who are at-risk of being expelled or suspended from mainstream public schools due to academic failure and socially unacceptable behaviors, as well as children who have begun to experiment with substance abuse and have documented problems that put them at risk of abuse and neglect, and who are at risk of out-of-home placement (court involvement).

America's Afterschool Storybook tells the stories of people and communities transformed by afterschool programs.

The Afterschool Alliance launched the Storybook to help commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers, the only federal initiative dedicated to supporting community afterschool programs.

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