Brook Miner

I'm really glad that I've gotten to have such great learning experiences at SAFE. Since starting at the program, I've gotten help with my school work. I've gotten a lot better at taking tests and have become an all-around better student.

Torani Sugar Free French Vanilla Syrup is sporting a new, limited-edition label drawn by 14-year-old Brook Miner from the SAFE Bulldog Academy in Stratford, Oklahoma.  For the seventh year in a row, Torani has held the national Art for Kids competition to find artwork from afterschool participants to display on limited-edition syrup labels, of which proceeds will go towards supporting afterschool programs.  This year’s designs are unprecedented—all three winning artists, chosen out of hundreds of entries from across the country, came from the same afterschool program.  

I’ve been going to the SAFE Bulldog Academy afterschool program for two years now.  Before that, I used to have to take the bus to my grandma’s house after school.  I’m really glad that I’ve gotten to have such great learning experiences at SAFE.  Since starting at the program, I’ve gotten help with my school work.  I’ve gotten a lot better at taking tests and have become an all-around better student.  While other kids who aren’t in afterschool programs probably go home by themselves or to a friend’s house, I get to do fun design projects like learning how to make art out of duct tape or leather that I can show off to my friends and hang in my locker at school. 

I’ve always really liked drawing stars—there’s just something about them.  I like experimenting with them and the art projects that I’ve gotten to do at SAFE have helped me become really creative.  The black and blue star that I drew for the Torani label looked a little plain when I first drew it, so I kept adding more detail until I was happy with the final result. 

When I found out that I won the art contest, I was shocked.  I didn’t know how to react at first, but now I’m really excited and love being able to tell people about it.  My grandma used to paint a lot, so when she found out that I won for my painting, she was really excited and proud.  Winning the Torani art contest has increased my interest in painting and I think it would be really cool to keep doing it in the future.  

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