Afterschool for All Challenge
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Congress faces tight spend caps for fiscal year 2025, while local afterschool and summer program costs continue to increase, along with the demand for programs. Thank you for joining us for the Afterschool for All Challenge and making the case for increased federal support for quality afterschool and summer learning programs.

Use these resources to support your Congressional meetings. Before June 10, you will get a link to the Challenge conference app, which will have essential info like your meeting schedule, sessions, map of Capitol Hill, and several of the resources posted here to help you in your meetings. Materials available on the app are noted with a icon.

Details to know

Next steps to take

Some of the most important work of the Afterschool for All Challenge comes after your calls.  It's vital to follow up with offices to continue building your relationships with lawmakers, and it's important to keep afterschool in the public eye through media outreach and social media engagement.