VISTA Profiles

Our team of VISTA members is made up of amazing individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. Located across the country, our VISTA members are working every day to expand access to afterschool programs, meals, and opportunities for STEM.

Rikki Brown

STEM Ecosystem
Oklahoma STEM Ecosystem

"I wanted to become a VISTA member to create better opportunities in my community."

Angel Cancino

Afterschool Sustainability
Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence

"I wanted to become a VISTA to continue developing my skills and spirit of service working and volunteering with the nonprofit and social sectors."

Colleen Dorfler

Afterschool and Summer Meals

"I wanted to become an AmeriCorps VISTA member because I wanted to provide and create opportunities for underserved communities in hopes to create a more equitable and sustainable environment for our current generation, as well as the future generations to come."

Jared Gould

Afterschool STEM Expansion
Alaska Afterschool Network

"I wanted to become an Americorps VISTA because I wanted to help people. I feel like so long as I?m blessed with the gift of life, that gift should be put to use for the good of people in need. We are our own stewards, our brother?s keeper. Big or small, all I want is to make a differ"

Dallas Thornley

Afterschool STEM Expansion
Utah Afterschool Network

"I wanted to serve as a VISTA because I have wanted to break into both education and the non-profit sector for a few years and I thought it was time to take the dive into a wonderful organization."

Sierra Wagner

Afterschool and Summer Meals
School's Out Washington

"My desire to serve as a VISTA was fueled by the need to end the cycle poverty. My position gives me a wider impact and deeper understanding into the achievement gap, racial equity and hunger youth face."