Afterschool Issues

Afterschool and summer learning programs can be a platform for a wide varety of subject areas. These are a number of current policy issues impacting afterschool and affecting federal funding that support programs.

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Digital Learning in Afterschool

Using digital media and technology to transform learning experiences in afterschool settings

Digital Learning Equity Academic Enrichment Youth Development

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Issue: Afterschool in Housing

Experiencing the benefits of out-of-school-time programs at home

21st CCLC Equity Federal Policy Working Families Youth Development Community Partners

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Issue: ESSA and 21st Century Community Learning Centers

A critical funding stream for afterschool

21st CCLC Advocacy Afterschool Caucus Department of Education Education Reform Federal Funding Federal Policy Academic Enrichment

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Issue: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA)

Afterschool and summer learning are key to fighting childhood obesity & fostering lifelong health.

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Issue: Mentoring Afterschool

Nurturing students' social, emotional and cognitive development

Federal Funding Federal Policy

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Issue: Nutrition and Meals

Afterschool and summer meals and snacks are a key component of comprehensive afterschool and summer learning programs.

Federal Policy Health and Wellness Nutrition

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Issue: Physical Activity

Out-of-school-time programs are battling childhood obesity

Health and Wellness Nutrition

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Issue: School-Age Child Care

Afterschool programs are a critical resource for working families

Congress Federal Funding Federal Policy

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Issue: STEM

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