Afterschool programs are locally driven solutions that help students learn, families balance work with home, and employers invest in the future. Yet, for every child in an afterschool program, two are waiting to get in.

We wanted to show the world what afterschool programs mean for youth, parents, and communities across the nation. In these videos, you’ll find many voices telling one story: afterschool works.

Afterschool Works for:

Attending afterschool programs helps get kids excited about learning. In this video, a high school student describes how his afterschool program helped him learn to love reading and ignite his passion for filmmaking.

America's hardworking moms and dads rely on afterschool programs to help them keep their jobs and advance in their careers. Afterschool keeps kids safe and gives parents peace of mind so they can focus on work and provide for their families.

The things that students learn in their afterschool program can help connect them to future careers. In this video, a college-bound student shares his excitement about earning a college scholarship and his future career path as an electrician.