New, free SEL programming: Soar with Wings


New, free SEL programming: Soar with Wings

Wings for Kids partnered with Discovery Education to launch Soar with Wings, a free social emotional learning (SEL) program that offers a digital suite of activities, lessons, and resources designed to support the development of SEL skills in K-5 students. Sponsored by the Allstate Foundation, Soar with Wings can be used by educators in the classroom, in afterschool programs, and for parents and caregivers at home.

How can afterschool program providers use this?

Soar with Wings offers standards-aligned activities as digital lesson bundles, which each include a step-by-step guide and presentation slides, making them especially easy to use by program providers! Each lesson bundle also notes the duration of each activity, the appropriate age range, and the SEL competency that the lesson focuses on. For example, one lesson is designed to help 3rd-5th grade students develop social awareness and relationship skills through art-based activities that explore the concept of being unique, embracing differences and learning from others.

In addition to activities for students, Soar with Wings provides professional learning videos and companion guides for educators and youth professionals to use to build upon their skillsets in approaching SEL, as well as learn more about how to use the activities to help their students learn key SEL skills.

How can parents, families, and caregivers use this?

Parents, families and caregivers play an essential role in SEL development. In addition to creating resources for educators and youth professionals, Soar with Wings has designed family activities that can be used at home. Each activity includes a guide that first explains the meaning and importance of SEL, and how the particular activity relates to SEL and specific competencies. For example, one activity is focused on Dinner Discussions, and the guide includes conversation starters listed on strips that can be randomly selected out of a bag/box at the beginning of a family meal.

Visit the Soar with Wings website for free access to the full suite of SEL resources designed to ensure that students have the skills they need to succeed!