Afterschool For All Challenge:
May 17 to 20, 2022

The Afterschool for All Challenge is back (virtually) for 2022! As most Congressional offices are only accepting virtual meetings, we are holding a series of virtual advocacy events from May 17 to 20, 2022 to make the case for sustained investments in afterschool and summer.


Contact Congress, May 18

On Wednesday (5/18), we’re holding power hours to urge policymakers to support funding for afterschool programs! During your lunch break or around noon, use our action center to call or email Congress. Our action center makes it easy - we find your rep, and provide sample messages - so take 2 minutes and help us flood offices with our messages of support!

Amplify your call or email by posting on social media - encourage others to reach out to Congress, and share your message about the value of afterschool and summer! See our sample posts for ideas.

Tweetstorm, May 19

On May 19, we are taking to Twitter to amplify why Congress should invest in afterschool and summer learning programs. From 3PM-4PM ET, join us for a Tweetstorm by:

  • Posting positive messages about the ways #AfterschoolWorks
  • Thanking your representatives for investing in afterschool and summer and reminding them that the need is not yet met. Use our tool to find the social handles of your members of Congress and insert them in your post, along with the #AfterschoolWorks hashtag and a message of support for afterschool.


Before May 19:

I'm joining @afterschool4all on 5/19 @ 3PM ET for a tweetstorm to share out how #AfterschoolWorks for my community!


I know #AfterschoolWorks to keep kids safe and engaged during the hours that they are not in school, that’s why I’m joining @afterschool4all for a tweetstorm 5/19 @ 3PM ET to encourage my reps to make the case for afterschool.


May 19, between 3-4PM ET: Post positive messages about afterschool & summer, and tag your members of Congress!


If you can lobby, consider these posts: 

Thank you @InsertRepHandle for investing in afterschool and summer programs that are so critical for kids in [STATE] today! Sadly, there are still nearly 25 million children left out.  Please expand investments in afterschool in [STATE] so our kids can thrive! #AfterschoolWorks


Nationwide, the unmet demand for afterschool programs has grown by 60% since 2004. We thank @InsertRepHandle for investing in afterschool and summer programs, but much more needs to be done to give all youth in [STATE] the opportunities they need to thrive. #AfterschoolWorks


#AA3PM data finds that 87% of parents favor public funding for afterschool programs. Thank you @InsertRepHandle for making critical investments in afterschool in [STATE]! #AfterschoolWorks (Suggested graphic)

If you cannot lobby, consider these posts:

Thank you @InsertRepHandle for investing in afterschool and summer programs that are so critical for kids in [STATE] today! These programs support students’ well-being and academic growth. #AfterschoolWorks


9 in 10 adults agree that afterschool programs are important to their community. I'm one of them! #AfterschoolWorks


Afterschool and summer programs are proven to support students’ well-being and academic growth–exactly what they need to thrive today. #AfterschoolWorks


For every child in an afterschool program, 3 more are waiting to get in. @InsertRepHandle, keep afterschool strong in [STATE]! #AfterschoolWorks (Suggested graphic)


94% of parents are satisfied with their child’s afterschool program because they know #AfterschoolWorks (Suggested graphic)


Write a post about the benefits your program offers youth, and that all kids deserve the same opportunities. Consider the prompts:

  • #AfterschoolWorks because…
  • Young people in (insert name of program) have the opportunity to  …#AfterschoolWorks
  • My afterschool program is a lifeline because…#AfterschoolWorks
  • I love my afterschool program because…#AfterschoolWorks

Virtual Meetings with Congress

For those doing virtual meetings with your members of Congress/their staff, your state afterschool network is organizing and scheduling the meetings. You should hear from them directly. It is strongly suggested that anyone doing virtual meetings attend the Federal Opportunities for Afterschool Briefing on Tuesday, May 17 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. ET. To join, use this zoom link.