Afterschool funding worksheet

Sustainability: Information to know and relationships to build

The sustainability of your afterschool program depends on outreach and relationship-building with a variety of leaders who can help you tap new resources. It takes time, effort and a team to build meaningful collaborations—there is no need to go it alone.

This worksheet is an exercise that will help you identify afterschool stakeholders in your community and potential new funding sources to support your afterschool program. Complete instructions are on the worksheet. After you have completed the project, read the info below to help you with next steps.

Next Steps
The finished worksheet will provide you with a sense of where your program ranks with the various afterschool stakeholders and who among your inner circle of supporters may be connected to potential funding sources.

Using the results, create action plans to further your relationship with selected stakeholders. Begin with the top 3-5 targeted stakeholders and funding sources and then move onto a longer-term strategy that continues to add more stakeholders to your outreach and sustainability plans.

A next step example: If you have ranked the Mayor as "1. Know who this person is but have not contacted," your next action step may be to contact the Mayor's Office to arrange a meeting with staff and plan for a future site visit. For assistance on contacting elected officials and engaging community leaders, visit Bulding Relationships with Policy Makers.

It is also important to develop a schedule that includes time to work on the sustainability plan each week. Also, set up a time for you sustainability committee to meet again. Each program will be different, but you might consider holding a conference call to update the team after three months and schedule another in-person meeting in six months to update the worksheet and identify even more stakeholders.