1. Print sponsor names on all clothing (i.e., on the back of t-shirts).
  2. Print sponsor names on invitations and event materials. You can use a self-inking stamp to save on printing costs.
  3. Print sponsor names on all promotional materials (i.e., save-the-date cards, entry or registration forms, posters, tickets, etc.).
  4. Include displays encouraging attendees to support or frequent the sponsor’s business.
  5. Print sponsor logos on banners and podium signs.
  6. Set up tables for sponsor product samples/materials at your event.
  7. Give the sponsor the opportunity to distribute coupons for products.
  8. Lend sponsors time at the podium to talk about their company’s commitment to afterschool.
  9. Distribute sponsor advertising materials to participants as inserts in programs or newsletters.
  10. If hosting a reception, offer the sponsor the opportunity to name a table.
  11. Display sponsor logos on your organization’s website.
  12. Add a link from your organization’s website to sponsor websites.
  13. Include photos of participants, staff, etc., wearing sponsor logos in media packets.
  14. Include sponsor names in an advertisement in your local or community newspaper inviting the community to join you both for Lights On Afterschool.
  15. Display a poster or flier about the event with sponsor logos on bulletin boards in your organization’s entryway or offices.
  16. Print sponsor logos on event giveaways such as cups, medals, and ribbons—or let the company produce them and hand them out.
  17. Print sponsor logos on name badges.
  18. Promote sponsor names and products on the PA system during the event. 
  19. Let sponsors use event photos for their own publications and promotions.
  20. Include sponsor names or logos in your organization’s newsletter article about the event.
  21. Set sponsorship levels whereby sponsors at higher levels have additional, distinct benefits and visibility.
  22. For high levels of giving, offer a sponsor category exclusivity guaranteeing that you will not recruit any of their competitors as sponsors.
  23. Adapt any of the ideas here as part of a long-term sponsorship package that launches at Lights On Afterschool and is carried out for the next year via visibility in your publications, on your website, or at events.
  24. Develop an award ceremony as part of your event and honor sponsors for their leadership. Issue a press release about the award, and be sure to send a picture of the company rep receiving the award to your local papers.
  25. Include a number of tickets or seats for sponsor representatives for your Lights On Afterschool event as part of your sponsorship package.
  26. Acknowledge the sponsors in all media materials—like media advisories and press releases—about the event.
  27. For higher donors or “Presenting Sponsors” of the event, include a quote from the company in your news release.
  28. Develop a way for the sponsor’s product to be used at your event.
  29. Give sponsor products, coupons or discounts away as a door prize to give the sponsor exposure in the community.
  30. Bring sponsors up on stage and present them with a giant thank you card decorated by children. Be sure to get a photo for your publications and website, and make sure to send the photo to local media.
  31. Make sponsor contributions to your program the focus of your event and news release.
  32. Members of your organization can participate in the sponsor’s own promotional activities, i.e., the sponsor can feature the youth and parents served by your afterschool program as “special guests” at company board meetings and other appropriate events to profile their community giving.