A project of the Afterschool Alliance

Afterschool Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business. It’s a way of thinking and doing, a mindset and a set of skills that youth need for success in school right now, in their future careers, and in life. 

It’s also lots of fun for youth and adults!

Here is Wacky Inventions, a 15-minute activity engages participants in thinking and acting like an entrepreneur. Show the video for instruction or watch the videos and then facilitate the activity yourself!  Videos are in English and Spanish! No special materials required!

Share the VentureLab Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Skills with participants. 

VentureLab Entrepreneurial Curriculum: 

  • creates foundational learning experiences for youth and adults to practice and build 21st Century mindsets and skills
  • reinforces academic programs to help students meet state and local achievement standards
  • allows youth to apply STEM + Art ideas in real-world situations (ESTEAM)
  • prepares youth for careers where creativity and emotional intelligence are needed
  • Supports and strengthen social and emotional development 

VentureLab makes it easy for programs to deliver high quality entrepreneurial education. Visit venturelab.org to find our no cost curriculum and other opportunities to engage in entrepreneurial learning.