Social media tools for afterschool

Enhance your digital presence

With more and more people looking to social media to stay in the know about community news and events, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are important places to reach your audience (and find new supporters!).

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Just getting started on social media? Different platforms have different conventions that can be tough to figure out when you’re getting started, but these Facebook and Twitter basics can help. 

The OST community often shares interesting articles and helpful resources on Twitter, and you should feel free to share your own thoughts and expertise—it's easy to join these conversations if you know which hashtags to check out. Check out this list for some hashtag suggestions to get you started. 

For deep dives into social media strategies, take a look at our previous webinars on Social Media Outreach Strategies for OST Programs and Social Media Metrics. Experts from Burness Communications joined us to dig into successful goal-setting strategies, analytics, and more. You can also download the National AfterSchool Association's Beginner's Guide to Online Marketing for your Afterschool Program.

Social media can also be a good place to reach out to policy makers—surveys of Capitol Hill staffers have found that even a handful of social media comments can draw attention. To reach out to your senator or member of Congress on Twitter, find their handle in our searchable database.

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