Afterschool Ad Campaign

The Afterschool Alliance, in partnership with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the Ad Council, has had the privilege of running three major nationwide PSA campaigns on afterschool. 

"Things Can Get Pretty Ugly When You're Bored" - Youth-Targeted PSAs Encourage Afterschool Program Participation


This PSA campaign used humor to encourage youth to consider afterschool programs. Bored kids can engage in some weird behavior. They talk to their socks, dance with their cats, squish their faces against windowpanesor worse. Children attending afterschool programs have better, more constructive, educational and fun things to do.


Afterschool "What is a Hero?" PSA Campaign

Are heroes born? Or are they made? Our new ad campaign shows that afterschool programs offer kids the sorts of activities that help them realize they have the potential to do better and to reach farther than they ever imagined. Afterschool programs help kids find the hero within.

The Afterschool Alliance launched "What Is A Hero?" to increase awareness of the need for afterschool and to help individuals learn more about starting afterschool programs in their communities. The campaign included TV and radio spots, newspapers and magazine ads, billboards, web banners and more.

"What is a Hero?" was developed with the Ad Council and made possible by support from the C.S. Mott Foundation.

Watch PSA Video: What is a Hero?

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Afterschool "Ignore Them and They'll Go Away" PSA Campaign

A woman with a baby carriage snatches a soccer ball from a group of children. A man uses a fire extinguisher to douse a model volcano as it begins to erupt. Another woman crushes the ping-pong ball that children were playing with. While most adults wouldn't intentionally sabotage an afterschool program, taking no action to support these programs can have the same effect.

This is the message behind the surprising and humorous vignettes featured in the "Ignore" public service announcements (PSAs). This television, radio, print and Internet campaign was aimed at encouraging Americans to support afterschool programs.

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