Afterschool Research: Parents and Families

Encouraging parent engagement, supporting working families

Parents and families are vital in a child’s life. Afterschool programs are supporting parent involvement, while also giving working parents peace of mind about their child.

Parent and family engagement is a key factor in student success. Research shows that children do better in school, improve their attitudes and behaviors, and are less likely to drop out of school when parents are involved in their education. This section highlights the value afterschool programs place on parent engagement and includes examples of how programs are working to strengthen relationships with families and increase parent involvement. 

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Afterschool: A Bipartisan Solution to Help Young People Thrive (October 2022)

At a time of deep partisan divides, Afterschool Alliance surveys of parents of school-age children before and during the pandemic have found an area of consensus around support for afterschool and summer learning programs. Across the political spectrum, parents identifying as Democratic, Independent, and Republican strongly agree that afterschool and summer learning programs are keeping kids safe, inspiring learning, and providing peace of mind to working parents, with overwhelming majorities in favor of public funding for such programs.

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