Afterschool Research: Special Populations

Meeting the needs of all children

Afterschool programs are helping to level the playing field, providing all children with the academic, social and emotional supports they need.

More children are participating in an afterschool program than ever before, with 10.2 million children in a program. From reaching students in underserved communities to delivering individualized attention to students at risk of falling behind in school, afterschool programs are supporting students who are in most need of help. This section contains examples of afterschool programs serving English language learners, rural communities, students with disabilities and other special needs, and much more. 

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Afterschool and Students with Special Needs (2004)

Students with special needs may not always receive the resources they need to reach their full potential during the school day, but afterschool programs can offer additional activities more tailored to the individual needs of children. Our first issue brief examines the valuable role afterschool programs can play in the life of a child with special needs.


Afterschool Programs Level the Playing Field for All Youth (2004)

This brief describes how afterschool programs have an opportunity to help disadvantaged youth catch up with their peers when the regular school day may not provide enough time or resources to address the various economic, language, or cultural barriers some students face.