Tools to Build On

All kids deserve to feel welcome, valuable, and safe without exception. “Tools to Build On: Creating constructive climates in out-of-school time” is a webinar series that covers how to bring out and build up supportive climates in afterschool and summer learning programs.

The recent national dialogue and policy landscape has exposed children of all ages to complex discussions about immigration, religion, diversity, safety, and community. In a climate of uncertainty, students can end up feeling frustrated, hurt, alienated, or confused if these often-taboo subjects are not confronted thoughtfully by adults.

Many tools of the trade exist to help students engage constructively and understand themselves, their peers, their community, and their country. When led by trained, well-equipped staff, afterschool and summer programs can provide ideal settings with the necessary time and structure for students to work through complex thoughts and emotions and develop their roles in safe and welcoming communities.

The Afterschool Alliance and a broad range of partners present “Tools to Build On,” a webinar series of expert testimony, discussions, resources, and firsthand accounts on how to bring out and build up supportive climates during out-of-school time. All kids deserve to feel welcome, valuable, and safe without exception.

Understanding Hate and Bias

When incidents of bias occur, your response is critical for maintaining the trust and respect of youth and their families.

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This webinar was very helpful as it gave clarity to the terms associated with hate and bias as well as providing us with resources to educate ourselves further. This is extremely important when working with our families and the community.

Understanding Hate and Bias webinar participant

Engaging in the Tough Conversation

Helping youth constructively address complicated issues in a safe space can enable them to engage more purposefully with one another and their communities.

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The webinar was helpful because it provided some context for adapting a rapid response…for our After-School Tutoring Program. It was a great introductory webinar, with A LOT of information to unpack in an hour.

Supporting Immigrant Students, Families, and Community webinar participant

Supporting Immigrant Students, Families, and Community

Afterschool programs can create a safe and welcoming environment for immigrant students and families and cultivate a sense of belonging and overall wellbeing.

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Building Community Between Police and Youth

Afterschool and summer learning programs can be an integral partner facilitating and building positive relationships between youth and law enforcement.

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