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3 new infographics show why we should care about afterschool in rural communities

By Nikki Yamashiro

It’s true that a picture can be worth a thousand words. Just take a look at our new set of infographics! These infographics illustrate the afterschool experience for children living in rural communities, highlighting the opportunities afterschool programs offer, as well as the challenges afterschool program providers face to meet community demand for programs. The infographics translate key takeaways from the latest America After 3PM special report, The Growing Importance of Afterschool in Rural Communities, the first America After 3PM report focused solely on afterschool and rural communities.

The new infographics are a quick and easy way for you to share central findings from the report. They also help bring numbers from the report—what some think of as dry and unexciting—to life. For instance, this infographic depicts the high demand for afterschool programs in rural communities, where for every one child in an afterschool program, three more are waiting to get in. 

Rural parent satisfaction with their child’s afterschool program—from academic enrichment to physical activity and healthy snack offerings—is also a focus of the infographic series, with 85 percent of rural parents reporting satisfaction with their child’s afterschool program overall. Given the overwhelming majority of rural parents satisfied with afterschool, it is of little surprise that parents living in rural communities are in favor of public funding for afterschool and summer learning programs. The third infographic in this series concentrating on rural America illustrates the overwhelming support among rural parents regarding funding for afterschool and summer learning. 

We hope that these infographics can serve a useful tool to help raise awareness of the need for afterschool programs in rural communities and encourage you to post, tweet, Instagram or pin any or all of them!