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Highlights from Policy Studies Associates’ afterschool report

By Elizabeth Tish

Policy Studies Associates (PSA) conducts research in education and youth development. This spring, PSA published a short report on afterschool program quality and effectiveness, reviewing more than 25 years of afterschool program evaluations they have completed.

The report further substantiates the benefits of afterschool for three specific stakeholders: students, families, and schools. The full details are available in the report, which covers the following topics in depth:

Afterschool programs work for students

  1. Increase school attendance and ease transitions into high school
  2. Offer students project-based learning opportunities
  3. Improve state language and math assessment scores while developing teamwork skills and personal confidence

Afterschool programs work for families

  1. Provide safe spaces for enriching activities and academic support
  2. Make it easier for parents to keep their job
  3. Provide an option for parents to miss less work

Afterschool programs work for schools

  1. Enhance the effectiveness of the school and reinforce school-day curriculum
  2. Create a college-going and career-inspiring culture in the school
  3. Foster a welcoming school environment

Want to find out which evaluations these statements came from? Visit the PSA brief, Afterschool Program Quality and Effectiveness: 25 Years of Results!!

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