Digital Learning in Afterschool

Using digital media and technology to transform learning experiences in afterschool settings

Digital media and technology can be leveraged to improve both the learning and impact of afterschool programs in a wide variety of ways, from digital content to digital badges.

In the twenty-first century, learning can take place anywhere, and youth can access a wealth of information with the touch of a screen or the click of a mouse. Afterschool programs provide a flexible, interest-driven environment for youth to pursue their passions by bringing students together with friends and peers around common interests, and this unique learning environment provides a wealth of opportunities for students to learn with and about technology.

Afterschool and summer learning settings can help address both the learning gap and the so-called "digital divide" by introducing technology to their programming. By providing low-income and minority students with a chance to familiarize themselves with technology, learn the basics of digital citizenship, interact with responsive and customizable digital content, and gain formal recognition for the learning experiences that occur outside the traditional school day, the leveraging of technology in afterschool programs can truly be a game-changer for young people.