Computer Science & Afterschool

We’re surrounded by technology—smart phones, tablets, computers, video games, mobile apps, etc.—and today’s youth must learn how to use it effectively.

But what if there’s a grander vision? Let’s empower kids to go beyond passive consumers, and equip them with the knowledge and tools to become creators of technology

What do we mean by “computing”?

Computing is an umbrella term that refers to a range of activities within computer science, information technology, and other related topics. The unifying theme is that kids should be creating technology, not just learning to use it.

What kinds of technology could kids make?

Kids might program a robot to compete in a robotics competition, code an animation that tells a story, design a mobile app or website, make their own video game, or even develop a computer program that solves math problems! The possibilities are endless, which is what gives computing education so much potential.

What about other computer-related skills?

While it is important that kids learn to use a word processor, navigate the internet or social media, or even edit images in Photoshop, these pursuits are not about creating technology, and therefore are not defined as computing.

Thanks to the National Center for Women & Information Technology’s (NCWIT) report, Girls in IT, for helping inform this definition.