Advocacy for all: New tools and resources for afterschool supporters


Advocacy for all: New tools and resources for afterschool supporters

Earlier this month more than 200 advocates traveled to Washington for our 16th annual Afterschool for All Challenge. Here at the Afterschool Alliance, the Challenge often feels like a culmination of the hard work we put in to create the tools and resources afterschool advocates need to make the case for afterschool. However, the advocacy work does not stop once the Challenge is over. Many of the tools we create or re-vamp for our national advocacy day can be used throughout the year.

Here are some of the resources we used for this year’s challenge that we hope can continue to help you make the case for afterschool:

Advocacy on the Hill

A lot of the resources that we create for the Challenge are specifically for use on Capitol Hill, like our Hill Meeting Tips, our Talking Points, or our 2017 Policy Asks, which can be found in our Afterschool for All Challenge Participant Toolkit.

However, some of our resources can be useful year-round to refresh knowledge on important afterschool policy. Big talking points on afterschool this year, with corresponding fact sheets, included conversations on 21st Century Community Learning Centers and the Child Care and Development Fund in the FY-18 budget. Each year we update our state-specific fact sheets and resources to help advocates operating at the state-level.

Talking about STEM

If you find yourself specifically talking about afterschool STEM, the Afterschool STEM Hub is the place for you! Our research-based messaging tools can be used year round to more effectively make the case for afterschool STEM.

Our messaging tools include “Say This, Not That” guides on how we talk about STEM in afterschool and online courses and webinars on making the case. If you’re looking for materials to share, we have infographics and fact-sheets on why afterschool STEM is important.

Now what?

Just because the challenge is over does not mean we are done the fight. Summer is a great opportunity to invite your congressperson for a site visit, and our Site Visit Toolkit may come in handy during the July 4th recess. Additionally, stay tuned to our action center for more ways to continue your advocacy and key dates to keep in mind to take action.

Finally, if you missed the Afterschool for All Challenge and are looking for more ways to get involved, remember that Lights On Afterschool is just around the corner.