Funding Publications


Funding Out-of-School Time Programs—Now and in the Future - This 2023 fact sheet and resource from the Children’s Funding Project in collaboration with Afterschool Alliance and the Grantmaker’s for Education discusses a wide range of local, state and federal funding ideas and opportunities with an eye towards sustaining programs.

The Road to Sustainability Updated in 2023 to reflect ARP funding, this 51-page workbook on sustainability contains many of the ideas in the Afterschool Alliance's Funding section of the Web site. This workbook was created by The National Center for Community Education in collaboration with the Afterschool Alliance, with generous support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

Building, Sustaining and Improving: Using Federal Funds for Summer Learning and Afterschool This 2022 resource by the Wallace Foundation and EdCounsel walks users through a range of federal funding opportunities  


Using CCDF to Support Afterschool Programs and Initiatives Web page of resources and tools on using federal child care funds to support afterschool and summer learning programs

Coordinating Child Care and Development Fund and 21st Century Community Learning Center Services Resource by the National Center on Afterschool and Summer Enrichment from 2021

Food and Nutrition Maximizing Federal Food and Nutrition Funds for Out-of-School Time and Community School Initiatives. Web page of resources and tools on using federal child nutrition funds to support afterschool and summer learning programs


State Afterschool Policy Web page of resources on state level policy strategies to support afterschool and summer learning

Supporting Student Success Through Afterschool Programs National Conference of State Legislatures resource on state funding for afterschool programs

State Legislatures Expand Child Care Investments During Their 2023 Sessions This resource from Children's Funding Project  highlights trends in state investments in child care in 2023.


Why Supporting Advocacy Makes Sense for Foundations by Gara LaMarche, President and CEO, The Atlantic Philanthropies (May 2008)

Partnership on Financial Sustainability for Afterschool Programs A 2020 resource from the Overdeck Foundation on navigating Covid era funding challenges


Snapshots of Sustainability: Profiles of Successful Strategies for Financing Out-of-School Time Programs A resource from the Finance Project from 2007 which profiles what it takes for programs to be sustainable.

Mental Health SAMHSA Funding Opportunities for Afterschool, by Dionne Dobbins (June 2005) 

Justice U.S. Department of Justice Funding Opportunities for Afterschool, by Dionne Dobbins (June 2005)

Using TANF to Finance Out-of-School Time Initiatives by Nanette Relave, The Finance Project (June 2007). The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program can be an important funding source for maintaining, improving, and expanding out-of-school time initiatives.