Making Your Case

State Level Resources to Find Data and Information on Major Issues in Afterschool


  • AA3 "Jump to" your state level data on afterschool supply and demand, health and wellness, STEM, summer learning, and rural communities


  • NSLA, the National Summer Learning Association, has funding resource guides, advocacy toolkits, maps of state legislative activity, fact sheets, research and more
  • You for Youth hosted by the US Department of Education provides summer learning resources


  • Youth First! Learn what your state is doing to end juvenile incarceration and re-purpose funds for community supports for youth.
  • CDC Toolkit, Preventing Youth Violence: Opportunities for Action
  • National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention – join a network of federal agencies and communities working to prevent and reduce youth violence; has a guide to engaging community partners and businesses and a toolkit of available technical assistance
  • Fight Crime, Invest in Kids Lets you search in the top right corner for activities happening in your state which involve law enforcement coordination with youth
  • NDTAC – National Technical Assistance Center of Neglected or Delinquent Youth – includes a state drop down menu of fast facts for federal money spent on these youth in each state, provides links to state liaisons for direct technical assistance (Title I part D of ESEA)
  • Attendance Works: Promote state policies that support student attendance including strong afterschool programs
  • Youth Mentoring and grant opportunities from OJJDP


  • TAG –Think, Act, Grow Produced by Health and Human Services Office of Adolescent Health provides adolescent health facts in your state, learn what adolescents need for health development and connect with a variety of youth health services
  • Prevent Obesity Join an advocacy movement for healthy food choices.
  • STRYVE from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Has tools to customize youth violence prevention for your community


  • Americans for the Arts offers resources down to the local level including an Arts Index with information such as adults in a county who attend arts events, or play an instrument; a Creative Industries report (free once you sign up) which maps arts industries and provides arts employment numbers by Congressional district and more.
  • Find your State Art Agency information on the NASAA directory – State arts agencies support community and school art groups
  • Use ArtScan to find Arts Education legislative policies in your state






  • Vital Signs, from Change the Equation offers information on the state of Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering in each state




  • Kids Count – Excellent database includes state level information on absenteeism, grade repetition, on time graduation, achievement levels, risky behaviors, juvenile detention and more
  • Talk Poverty State by state child poverty by race and ethnicity, food insecurity, unemployment, disconnected youth rates and more
  • Partnership for America's Children provides a state map of its networks for non-partisan advocacy for children's issues
  • CLASP Data Finder provides state by state information on poverty, child care, head start and more- for example, you can identify how many school age children by demographic group in your state are in CCDBG license exempt centers
  • Children's Defense Fund - State pages with statistics on children including education, poverty, health and wellness, juvenile justice, homeslessness and more.
  • National Center for Children in Poverty: Collects data and issue briefs on policies affecting children which can be looked at by state and age group.


  • National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Education Bill Tracking Database: Search by Keywords to look at bills and laws in your state and others. (Includes "Afterschool" keyword)
  • Education Commission of the States (ECS): Look for state legislation on a wide range of issues (Does not yet have "afterschool" search word)

Know of other resources not listed here? Let us know