Afterschool in Missouri

Facts & Research

  • In Missouri, 25% (248,530) of K-12 youth are responsible for taking care of themselves after school.
  • Of all Missouri children not currently enrolled in afterschool, 31% (263,077) would be likely to participate IF an afterschool program were available in their community.
  • 91% of parents in Missouri are satisfied with the afterschool program their child attends.
  • 14% (137,964) of Missouri's K-12 children participate in afterschool programs, including 17,649 kids in programs supported by the U.S. Department of Education's 21st Century Community Learning Centers initiative, the only federal program dedicated to afterschool.

For afterschool participation and funding levels in Missouri, refer to the Afterschool in Missouri Fact Sheet.

Explore America After 3PM for even more research on afterschool programs in Missouri.

State Policy and Funding

Missouri has developed afterschool program standards, which the state requires all 21st CCLC and CCDF grantees to use in completing their annual self-assessments. Local funders often require grantees to complete outside programs evaluations in addition to using these standards as well as the Missouri Core Competencies self-assessment. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education also supports the Missouri AfterSchool Resource Center, which offers quality training and technical assistance for programs across the state.

Check out the State Policy section of our website for state-specific data and ideas for developing and advancing afterschool policy at the state level.

See Policy News for the latest on afterschool legislation from Washington, D.C.

Interested in running an afterschool tutoring program?

Find information on the application process and selection criteria for Supplemental Educational Services (SES) providers in your state here.

Missouri received approximately $54 million in ARRA-School Improvement Grants (SIGs) to turn around its persistently lowest achieving schools. ARRA-SIG grants are part of the $3.5 billion that were made available to states from money set aside in the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the FY 2010 federal budget. Eligible schools may use ARRA-SIG funding to support extended learning-time opportunities.

Additionally, the University of Missouri was awarded an Investing in Innovation (i3) "validation" grant to work with high-needs rural middle schools.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 offers numerous opportunities to support extended learning-time including afterschool, before school and summer programs. See more on afterschool and the Recovery here.

Your statewide afterschool network has a webpage with useful resources and policy updates:

News & Voices

What's the word on afterschool in your state? News clippings, noteworthy quotes and feel good stories highlight Missouri's afterschool cause.

What leaders are saying in Missouri:

The time between kids getting home from school and parents getting home from work is the worst time for them to get into trouble and get pregnant. This program has had an enormous positive effect not only on residents but also on the community... More programs of this nature are needed, not just in the projects, but throughout the city. St. Clair County Circuit Judge Milton Wharton, on the Griffin Center afterschool program, June 25, 2006

Milton Wharton
St. Clair County Circuit Judge

Parents want quality after school programs where they know that their children are safe, enriched and active. Unfortunately, only 1 out of 10 children have access to such programs.

Francis G. Slay
Mayor, City of St. Louis

There are no recent afterschool news stories for Missouri.

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America's Afterschool Storybook tells the stories of people and communities transformed by afterschool programs. Read more inspiring stories from America's Afterschool Storybook from people across the country.

From Shanna Martin's Afterschool Story:

Since I was only eleven I thought I was only going to get a small role, like one of the children in the orphanage, or a salesman. Instead, I was cast in a major role...

21st Century has helped me with my life. It's helped me learn to talk to people and not be shy about it, meet wonderful people, and discover my talent for acting.

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From Ivory Duncan's Afterschool Story:

I had the chance to take a different route in life, partly because I attended afterschool programs... I am now an ambitious young woman who is ready to take on the world!

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From Independence - Missouri's Afterschool Story:

21st CCLC grant gives programs the financial means to waive or reduce fees for low-income families. With 40 percent of the district's students receiving free or reduced price lunch, that flexibility makes a huge difference.

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From Erica Kreisler's Afterschool Story:

Many people sit around wishing they could change the lives of others. Here at the Chat and Chew Alliance, we're making that wish a reality by providing critical support to our afterschool professionals.

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From Kelsey Bechtel's Afterschool Story:

This youth advocate created this pamphlet at the Afterschool for All Challenge to communicate a personal advocacy message across platforms. It was originally designed to be used as a leave-behind during meetings with Members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill.

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From Amanda Newman's Afterschool Story:

This youth advocate created this pamphlet at the Afterschool for All Challenge to communicate a personal advocacy message across platforms. It was originally designed to be used as a leave-behind during meetings with Members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill.

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Afterschool Champions

Missouri has champions across the state leading the fight to ensure that all children have access to safe and enriching afterschool programs.

On March 3, 2005, members of Congress established the first-ever Afterschool Caucus in both the Senate and the House of Representatives in order to build support for afterschool programs and increase resources for quality afterschool care. The following elected officials from Missouri participate in their chamber's Afterschool Caucus:

Your state has no elected officials in the Afterschool Caucus. Ask your Senators and Representative to show their support for afterschool programs by joining the Afterschool Caucuses.

Afterschool for All brings together individuals and organizations from across the nation who support the vision that all children and youth deserve access to quality, affordable afterschool programs. Here's a list of some prominent Afterschool for All participants in Missouri:

Citizens for Missouri's Children, Jefferson, MO

Selected from some of the most effective afterschool programs and advocacy organizations in the nation, the Afterschool Ambassadors work every day to help keep kids safe, inspire children to learn and help working families. They know firsthand the barriers and benefits that communities face in making afterschool available to all children and are a great resource for programs throughout Missouri. Here is a list of past and present ambassadors in your state:

Ambassador Emeritus:
YMCA of Greater Kansas City
3100 Broadway Street
Suite 1020
Kansas City, MO 64111

Ambassador Emeritus:
Project PASS
Camdenton R-III Schools
PO Box 1409
Camdenton, MO 65020

State Contact

Terri Foulkes
Executive Director
Missouri AfterSchool Network
1110 S. College Ave., Room 130
Columbia, MO 65211