Afterschool Webinar:

How Afterschool Programs can Support their Immigrant Students, Families, and Community

Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017 02:00 PM ET

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About this Webinar:

In communities across the country, anxiety and concern are growing among immigrant children and families in response to new immigration policies and efforts currently underway. Afterschool programs can play an important role in creating a safe and welcoming environment for immigrant students and families and cultivating a sense of belonging and overall wellbeing.

With guidance and help from the American Constitution Society, this webinar features experts from Legal Services for Children and the National Immigration Law Center who will focus on the ways in which afterschool program providers can best support their students and families. Speakers will share the existing rights and protections for students, as well as discuss the steps afterschool program providers can take to make sure that their program is a space where all students feel welcome and secure.

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  • Jess Hanson, Skadden Fellow, National Immigration Law Center
  • Abigail Trillin, Executive Director, Legal Services for Children



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  • Presentation Slide Deck
  • General Information:
    • Know Your Rights fact sheet - A three-page fact sheet created by the National Immigration Law Center that outlines the basic rights everyone living in the U.S. has a right to under the constitution. It also include links to organizations that provide legal help and where you can go to learn more about your rights.
    • Know Your Rights pocket card - A pocket-sized card created by the National Immigration Law Center that summarizes an individual’s rights if stopped by immigration or the police. 
    • National Immigration Legal Services Directory - A directory created by the Immigration Advocates Network where you can search for free or low-cost immigration legal services provided by nonprofit organizations by state or county. 
  • Student-Focused:
    • How to Protect Your Students Fact Sheet - A one-page fact sheet created by the American Federation of Teachers outlining the rights of students and schools.
    • Help for Immigrant Families Fact Sheet - A four-page fact sheet created by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center that offers guidance for schools and what they can do to help their immigrant families. 
    • Webinar on The Educational Rights of Immigrant Children - Hosted by the Leadership Conference Education Fund in partnership with the National Immigration Law Center, MALDEF, American Federation of Teachers, and National Education Association, the webinar covered information relevant to advocates working to protect immigrant children in schools. 
    • Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff - A comprehensive guide, created by the American Federation of Teachers, that provides answers to frequently asked questions about immigration raids; includes information for students and families regarding their rights; and offers a list of actions educators, school support staff, and communities can take to support immigrant students and their families.  
    • Sample Safe Zones School Board Resolution - A sample Safe Zones school board resolution developed by the National Education Association. 
    • Family Preparedness Plan - A document walking you through plans a family should have in place to be prepared for the unexpected. Created by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the plan is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.  
  • Workplace-Focused:
  • Organizations:
    • American Federation of Teachers - This section of AFT’s website provides a number of resources on how to protect immigrant students, many of which are available in both English and Spanish. 
    • Immigrant Legal Resources Center - Where you can find a host of immigration related resources, including information addressing immigrant youth issues. 
    • - MomsRising’s website includes a blog series on immigrant rights, which also features stories from the community sharing why the issue is important to them.
    • National Education Association - This is the NEA’s edjustice’s immigration webpage, where you can find recent immigration related news and resources, such as FAQs, webinars, and links to other organizations. 
    • National Immigration Law Center - Here you can find up-to-date information on immigration issues. They provide a number of helpful resources on a number of topics as they intersect with immigration, including immigration enforcement, education, and workers’ rights. 
    • The Center on Immigration and Child Welfare - On this website you can find toolkits for child welfare practitioners working with immigrant children and families, resources for immigrant youth and families new to the U.S., state policies and examples regarding services to immigrant children and families, and much more. 
    • The Leadership Conference Education Fund - On this webpage of the Leadership Conference Education Fund, you can find a number of resources for advocates working to protect immigrant children in schools.