Afterschool Webinar:

Learning from Summer: Findings and Implications for Summer Learning Programs

Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017 01:00 PM ET

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About this webinar:

What is the impact of summer learning programs on their students’ academic and social and emotional outcomes? Do the number of days a student attends a summer learning program make a difference on outcomes? Do the number of summers? What can summer learning programs do to better serve their students? In this webinar, hear new findings from a study conducted by RAND and made possible by The Wallace Foundation, Learning from Summer: Effects of Voluntary Summer Learning Programs on Low-Income Urban Youth, which takes a close look at the impact district-led summer learning programs have on students’ behavior and language arts, math, and social and emotional outcomes. Also featured in this webinar is a district included in the study, with a leader from Boston After School and Beyond discussing their participation in the study, reaction to the findings and what the implications are for moving forward.   


Be sure to join us for this informative webinar that will cover how communities can coordinate efforts to re-envision summer and tackle the question of what we can do to better combat summer learning loss—the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of the summer months—head on.


  • Jennifer McCombs, director and senior policy researcher, Behavioral and Policy Sciences Department, RAND; professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
  • David McAuley, program director, summer learning, Boston After School & Beyond
  • Jessica Donner, executive director, Every Hour Counts
  • Nikki Yamashiro, director of research, Afterschool Alliance (Moderator)




This webinar is being hosted by the Afterschool Alliance and Every Hour Counts.