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More Parents Report Enrolling Children in Summer Learning:
A Sneak Peek at Summer Learning Data from America After 3PM, 2014

America After 3PM, 2014, will be released this fall, including data on how children spend their afterschool hours, demand for afterschool programs and for the first time ever, data on participation in STEM as well as detailed information on physical activity in afterschool. A sneak peek at the America After 3PM data, collected from nearly 14,000 households, finds overwhelming support among parents for public funding of summer learning programs and a significant increase in the percentage of families reporting children participating in summer programs.

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Each afternoon across the U.S., 15 million children--more than a quarter of our children--are alone and unsupervised after school. The parents of 18 million would enroll their children in an afterschool program, if one were available. These are some of the key findings from the nation’s most in-depth study of how America’s children spend their afternoons. America After 3PM was sponsored by the JCPenney Afterschool Fund. The 2009 report, conducted for the Afterschool Alliance, surveyed nearly 30,000 households across the United States.

The survey finds that 8.4 million children participate in an afterschool program, an increase of nearly 3 million children over the past five years. While this is encouraging, there is still work to be done. The number of children left alone after the school day ends has risen to 15.1 million children - an increase of 800,000 children - since the 2004 edition of America After 3PM.

Listen to the Afterschool Alliance's Jodi Grant and the JCPenney Afterschool Fund's Jodi Gibson talk about the new America After 3PM findings.

Click here to download a PDF of the complete findings from America After 3PM or see the links and map below for insight into nearly every avenue of afterschool program participation.

May 2010: Summer specific data from America After 3PM is now available. Find out how many kids participate in summer learning programs, how many more would if programs were available and how strong support is for summer learning in the America After 3PM: Special Report on Summer

Click here for the 2011 State-by-State Afterschool Progress Reports and Consumer Guides.




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