Illinois After 3PM

Chicago After 3PM: From Big Cities to Small Towns

A subsection of the America After 3PM: From Big Cities to Small Towns Report looked specifically at variations in afterschool and summer learning participation and self care in four U.S. cities: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City. While parents in all four cities express significant support for afterschool programs and all have a significant percentage of children in summer learning programs, these cities vary in their rates of self care and afterschool participation. Across the board though, even in urban centers where afterschool typically thrives, too many children go home alone each weekday after school for lack of quality afterschool opportunities. Chicago After 3PM contains an overview of the data on afterschool in Chicago, followed by a description of how the city and state have supported afterschool programs.

Illinois After 3PM

In 2009, Illinois families were surveyed to see how many children are in afterschool programs, how many are unsupervised after school and how these numbers compare to five years ago. America After 3PM provides the most comprehensive and accurate picture to date of what this nation's youth are doing each day after school. With a sample size of nearly 30,000, the report provides an in-depth view of every state in the nation.

Illinois After 3PM Special Report on Summer

Released in May 2010, Special Report on Summer (PDF | Powerpoint) presents summer specific data from America After 3PM and provides state level data on how many kids are in summer programs, how many would be likely to participate and how strong parent support is for programs. Find all you need to know about America After 3PM Special Report on Summer in your state in the Illinois Press Release and in the chart below.

State Level Demand and Support for Summer Learning Programs


Percent Responding

Estimated Number of Kids*



Does you child participate in a summer learning program?




If not, are you interested in enrolling your child in a summer learning program?



Whose Parents are Interested in Enrolling Them

Do you support public funding for summer learning programs?



**-Other respondents answered "Don't Know"

In Illinois, 750 households were surveyed for this study. Among those households, 37 percent qualified for free or reduced price lunch, 12 percent were Hispanic and 14 percent were African-American. *According to U.S. Department of Education data from 2005-2006, the total school enrollment in Illinois is 2,284,610, which is the foundation for all statewide projections in Illinois.

America After 3PM Special Report on Summer was sponsored by The Wallace Foundation. All data cited in the report are from the 2009 America After 3PM research, which was sponsored by JCPenney Afterschool.