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Event Ideas & Activities

Events come in all shapes and sizes.

Celebrations might include an open house, breakfast summit for local leaders, student performance, candlelight vigil, or as simple as getting support for your petition. Pick something that works for your community and program.


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2015 Event Highlights

Get Active for Afterschool

Afterschool and summer programs provide a natural space to encourage healthy lifestyles among youth through sports, dance and other physical activities. Thousands of such programs offer nutrition education, healthful activities, and afterschool snacks or meals to youth of all ages. Your Lights On Afterschool event can raise awareness about the importance of providing programs where kids learn healthful habits for life. Check out these resources to help you plan a fun and healthful event!

Worldwide Day of Play

This September, Nickelodeon will go completely dark for their 13th annual Worldwide Day of Play, a day full of activities, games, sports, music and PLAY! That means shutting down their website and all regularly-scheduled television programs to encourage kids everywhere to get outside and have fun. Here are some fun ideas for celebrating the Worldwide Day of Play at your Lights On Afterschool event:

• Hold a dance party
• Organize a relay race
• Take a nature walk
• Set up an obstacle course

Healthy Kids Out of School 

Healthy Kids Out of School works with afterschool programs to provide resources to support healthful programs through the Healthy Kids Hub website. The Hub provides free educational materials such as tips for serving healthful snacks, and ideas for quick physical activity breaks as well as discounted products and other special offers. Check out the video and ideas below for healthful snacks and activities from the Hub.

Physical Activity & Nutrition Resources

Keep kids healthy all year long with these physical activity and nutrition resources:

HEPA Standards

The Afterschool Alliance proudly supports the National AfterSchool Association Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards. Find out what they are and what you can do to get your program on board.

PreventObesity.Net Leader Program Leaders are a group of extraordinary individuals who are actively working in their communities to change policies and environments to reverse childhood obesity. Join this inspiring community today.

Afterschool Meals

Afterschool meals help reduce childhood hunger and promote a healthy weight. Find out how you can take advantage of nutrition assistance programs for afterschool providers.


Physical Activity Breaks


Paper Plate Aerobics


Fruit-Infused Water


Healthful Eating Activity

Be a Maker

Every child is born with a natural curiosity, creativity and desire to understand the world around them. Quality afterschool programs can help to ignite this passion and make learning fun, relevant and engaging—from sports to STEM, all types of programs can experiment with making. Lights On Afterschool is the perfect time to try something new and we’ve got some great ideas for engaging students, parents and teachers in cool activities that demonstrate the power of afterschool.


This year, our friends at DIY want to help you share what your kids make during Lights On Afterschool! Here’s how:

1. Search
Use DIY video tutorials and project ideas to search for activities to do during your event.

2. Celebrate 
Try out the activity at your Lights On Afterschool event.

3. Share
Let us know what you created by sharing your projects on DIY or Twitter using #LightsOnAfterschool.

Maker Resources

1. You can learn more about making by watching our Summer of Making webinar series. Browse our archive to view recordings and related resources for the three-part series.

2. Check out the Maker Education Initiative for research, project ideas, grant opportunities, tutorials and curriculum related to the maker movement.

3. Make It At the Library is a great website that offers supporting materials and an interactive case study of a recently launched makerspace pilot in Idaho.

About DIY

DIY is a place for kids to share what they do, meet others who love the same skills, and be awesome. Everyone and anyone can be a maker, and DIY can help you get started. They have of tons of video tutorials and project ideas for kids and by kids. Most of the activities require very few resources and can be done on a shoe-string budget. Check out the below video to learn how to make rubber-band powered cars or try out some of the other project ideas recommended by DIY below.


Block Builder Projects


Card- boarder Projects


Fashion Designer Projects


Meme Hacker Projects

Motion Commotion

Afterschool programs are a natural space to provide engaging, hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning. Show off the exciting opportunities available to your students by conducting the National Science Experiment as part of 4-H's National Youth Science Day.

The 2015 National Youth Science Day Experiment, Motion Commotion, empowers youth to explore the physics of motion and distracted driving. Developed by Oregon State University Cooperative Extension, this exciting activity will combine a speeding car collision and a distracted driving demonstration in a simulated activity that investigates the physical and human factors of motion.

The kit includes a facilitator guide, youth guide books and all the materials you'll need to conduct the experiment. 


Buy Experiment Kit