A project of the Afterschool Alliance

Event Themes

A theme can strengthen your event by giving it a focus.

Who you invite and involve can make the difference between a one-day hit and a long-term result.

Youth & Parent Voices

With afterschool funding on the chopping block, it’s essential to give parents and youth ways to voice their support. The kids and parents in your program know firsthand why afterschool is important and can be your best, most authentic messengers.

Health & Wellness

Your Lights On Afterschool event can raise awareness about the importance of providing programs where kids learn healthful habits for life. Check out these resources to help plan a fun and healthful event!

Afterschool STEM

Afterschool programs are a natural space to provide engaging, hands-on STEM learning. Show off the exciting opportunities available to your students, or introduce kids and parents to STEM at your event.

Library Partnerships

Libraries and afterschool programs share common goals of creating safe and enriching environments for children and families to come together and learn.