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Beyond Events — Creative Ways to Bring Lights On to Your Community


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Bring Lights On into your community

  • Decorate your community with posters and student lightbulb artwork  
    • Post in your facility’s windows – and provide artwork to families, partners and local businesses to post in their windows
    • Turn your Lights On posters into yard signs and send home for students to post, or post a gallery of student artwork as yard signs in front of your facility or school
    • Put up posters on community boards in grocery stores, parks, libraries
  • Coordinate a car or bike parade for your students
  • Have students make huge Lights On chalk sidewalk drawings 
  • Post messages on school marquees and signs outside of faith-based institutions
  • Ask community landmarks to light up for afterschool on October 28, or consider lighting up your program facility, having students light up the outside of their houses with string lights, projectors, or flashlights on phones.
  • Proclamations declaring Lights On Afterschool can be made by your mayor, governor, local officials, or even by organizations.