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Sample Invitation for Policymakers

The opportunity to see and hear the impact that afterschool can have on a child’s life is invaluable. Use the sample language below to invite policymakers to attend your Lights On Afterschool event and see for themselves.

Sample Text

(on your letterhead)

Dear [Policymaker]:

On [date of event], our afterschool program will be participating in the annual Lights On Afterschool, a nationwide celebration of afterschool programs. We will be one of more than 8,000 sites across the nation sending the message that afterschool is key to children’s success, and that we must keep the lights on and doors open after school. Parents, media, employers, neighbors, school officials, and others have been invited to help us rally support for safe, stimulating afterschool programs.

We would like you to be part of our local celebration, scheduled for:

[Date and time]

[Give a short description of what your celebration will include, as well as how you would like the policymaker to participate. An example below:] Our program is going to include a half-hour ceremony, and we would be honored to have you as our keynote presenter. Your role would include:

  • A 15-minute statement of the benefits of afterschool
  • Presentation of the proclamation to the program director


The benefits of quality afterschool programs are clear. They support working families by ensuring that children are safe and productive when the school day ends. Quality afterschool programs make our communities stronger by involving students, parents, business leaders, and volunteers. Quality afterschool programs give children the opportunity to discover hidden talents as they grow academically and socially.

I look forward to having you join us for Lights On Afterschool. I will call you next week to confirm your availability. We hope that you will help us keep the lights on after school and give our children a brighter future.



[Your name]