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Sample Newsletter & Calendar Posting


Share this sample posting with community newsletters and calendars. Partners and supporters can use the sample to urge their networks to host Lights On Afterschool events.

Partner Announcement

Participate in Lights On Afterschool!

[Date of event]

Join thousands of communities in celebrating and rallying for afterschool programs as the Afterschool Alliance organizes the 24th annual Lights On Afterschool! This nationwide event, taking place in October of 2023, calls attention to the importance of afterschool programs and the resources required to keep the lights on and the doors open, especially as programs step up to help students, families, and communities in the pandemic. [Your organization] is proud to be a Lights On Afterschool partner.

Too many children—25 million—are missing out on afterschool opportunities. Participate in Lights On Afterschool and help call attention to this important issue.

To learn more about Lights On Afterschool, register an event, access event planning tools, or find out what’s going on in your area on [date of event] by visiting afterschoolalliance.org. Those who register will have their events promoted to the media and the public by the Afterschool Alliance. Lights On Afterschool is a project of the Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit public awareness and advocacy organization working to ensure that all children and youth have access to quality afterschool programs.

Program Announcement

Lights On Afterschool Rally, [date of event]


On [date], [Program] will hold a [eg. science fair] as part of Lights On Afterschool, a nationwide rally for afterschool programs that is expected to include thousands of events this year. People across the country join these events to draw attention to the many ways afterschool programs have stepped up to support students, families, and communities.

[Program]’s Lights On Afterschool event will be at [location and time]. [A brief description of event and activities]. Special guests will include [notable guests, i.e., mayor, school superintendent, local celebrity, policymaker]. [Program name] currently serves [#] youth in [your community/city/or state], providing them with a safe place to go after the school day ends. Today the program also provides virtual activities after the school day ends.

[All community members] are invited. For further information, please contact [name] at [email]. For more information about Lights On Afterschool or about afterschool programs in general, visit www.afterschoolalliance.org.

Afterschool programs keep kids safe, inspire them to learn, and support working families. According to data from the Afterschool Alliance, 25 million children in the United States are missing out on afterschool because they aren’t able to access a program.