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Familiarize yourself with all things afterschool in these short and to-the-point fact sheets that cover everything from figures on participation in afterschool to outcomes associated with afterschool.  

The research on afterschool programs is vast and continues to grow, with more than 15 years’ worth of evaluations and data on afterschool program participation spanning a decade. This section includes materials that present the highlights of afterschool facts and figures in a short and succinct package. Looking for figures that establish the need for afterschool programs? Interested in the key outcomes associated with afterschool program participation? You’re in the right place.

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Afterschool STEM: Re-engaging students in an equitable recovery

The hands-on learning approach of quality afterschool STEM programs offers a natural platform for reengaging students as they return to classrooms. Hands-on, project-based STEM learning in afterschool supports students in connecting what they learn in the classroom to future careers while developing a new generation of problem solvers in STEM fields.