Afterschool Research: Evaluation and Data

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A growing body of research shows that afterschool programs are helping kids to learn, grow and thrive.

Long-term evaluations, meta-analyses, state-level program studies, individual program assessments—over the course of the past 15 years, the research demonstrating the positive impacts of quality afterschool programs have on students has continued to grow. This section offers a compilation of recent afterschool research, including figures on the number of children participating in afterschool.

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Afterschool Rising to Challenges Brought by the Pandemic - Waves 1-6 (February 2022)

Beginning in late spring 2020 and through late 2021, the six waves of Afterschool Alliance’s Afterschool in the Time of COVID-19 online survey, conducted by Edge Research, documents afterschool and summer programs’ operating status, services, and challenges throughout COVID-19. The series demonstrates that through the ups and downs of the pandemic, what has remained constant is the ability of the afterschool field to rise to moment and meet the needs of the children and families in their communities.

Surveys COVID-19

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Preparing for Back to School and Navigating Summer in the Time of COVID-19 – Wave 2 (September 2020)

After six months in a COVID-19 world, with the continued uncertainty of when things will return to normal, this brief, Preparing for Back to School and Navigating Summer in the Time of COVID-19, combines findings from a survey of parents along with the second in a series of surveys of afterschool and summer providers to monitor the state of the afterschool field. The Wave 2 provider survey of 1,047 afterschool and summer program providers, conducted between July 20 and August 31, finds that providers are growing increasingly worried about their program’s long-term sustainability, but despite these struggles, programs continue to provide supports to the children and families in their communities, with strong majorities of parents believing in the value of afterschool and summer programs, as well as supporting public funding for these opportunities.

Surveys COVID-19