Afterschool & Economic Recovery & Reinvestment Act

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Afterschool programs, a critical support to so many struggling families and communities, have tremendous opportunities to benefit from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  The bill not only provides additional dollars to initiatives that already support afterschool, but also offers new supports for children and families that have potential to support afterschool efforts.  There may also be opportunities to impact education policy for the long-term.  The Afterschool Alliance has launched a special project to help programs and advocates pursue these opportunities. For an overview on ARRA Strategic Framework see this Department of Education PowerPoint presentation from December 2009, which details the major ARRA education reform programs and their relationships to each other.

 1. Major Recovery Opportunities for Afterschool from the U.S. Department of Education - The U.S. Department of Education is using the Recovery as an opportunity to fuel current education priorities and as a roadmap to long-term education reform. See an overview of the major education Recovery programs that could support afterschool efforts.

2. Recovery Opportunities for Afterschool from Federal Agencies Beyond the Department of Education - There are various agencies that have allocated Recovery opportunities, some of which support afterschool efforts. Most of these funds must be obligated by September 2010.

3. I’m a local program – what can I do to tap Recovery resources?

4. I’m working at the state level – what can I do to tap Recovery resources?

5. Afterschool and ARRA Success Stories – Read success stories from states all over the country successfully tapping into ARRA funds for afterschool.

6. Afterschool & Economic Recovery Wiki – An informal clearinghouse featuring insights, ideas and updates on various aspects of the law; news on regulations and guidance; and strategies for accessing funds from the field, issue experts and the Afterschool Alliance policy staff.

7. Making the Case – It is important to talk to your contacts in state leadership and at state agencies now about how afterschool can help in these tough economic times, and how funds might roll out.  Be sure to relay that afterschool programs are a vital support to families and children today, and critical to the workforce of tomorrow.  These message points and other resources can guide you further in the discussion about the Economic Recovery with your decision makers.

8. State by State Data – Links to resources on funding by state for various programs, and state proposals on the funds.

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